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The third season to Voltron: Legendary Defender marches on, with an episode full of potential. It’s a new day, as Prince Lotor (A.J. LoCascio) seems intent on winning the hearts and minds of those that want freedom from his empire, in a despicable way. All while the paladins are searching for a replacement for Shiro (Josh Keaton). It’s a complex well of emotions that leads to every member of the team, including Allura (Kimberly Brooks), checking to see if the Black Lion responds to them. Each character, save for two, gets some solid laughs out of this.

But when it came to the Princess her frustration and desire to do more than just be support bubbled to the surface in a well scripted scene carrying some solid dialogue. Then the next serious moment arrived, when Keith (Steven Yeun) stepped in the cockpit. You can guess what happens next, as the new leader of the Lion team steps into his role but not without a rocky start. And that right there is the dynamic the writers play with, as our voice cast is forced to face their first battle in different roles with a new villain taking charge of the Galra.

Now I know the name of the episode was “Red Paladin” but Lance (Jeremy Shada) gets some much needed character growth too, as the talent behind him shows off his evolved spot in our interstellar squad. It’s a moment full of impact when he realizes what he’s supposed to be with a little help from the new pilot of the Blue Lion. In the end the outing ends with a dynamic shift and ultimately triumphant battle against Lotor and his generals. All in all the show is moving its players forward in a direction that’s bound to please Voltron fans of all ages.

The animation style remains in check, whether we’re seeing someone deal with a heavy scene or offer some levity the show still shines. Huge complements to the space skirmish, which proves once again why this combination of hand drawn and computer styled creations more than works. Seeing our cast come together all over again on the battlefield makes the new season feel more than just fresh but downright familiar in all the right ways. Which after three years is a huge compliment for just about any property, especially a remake.




Voltron: Legendary Defender “Red Paladin” proves to be a high caliber example for a franchise that deserves to keep and grow its audience. From DreamWorks and featured on Netflix this is one reboot of an 80s property that earns praise with another wholly excellent half hour.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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