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MARVEL’S INHUMANS “Divide — and Conquer” Review

Here’s what matters about Marvel’s Inhumans: the show still has problems but it’s continuing to find its footing. “Divide… and Conquer” presents an outing where our royal family is still separate and stranded in Hawaii. For the most part this hour of TV on ABC does what you hope if would do but there’s no denying the fact that the writing, set design and costume choices still feel a bit off. Even so there’s stuff to like so much so that these elements as shown could easily be held up as something to pay attention to for those who want to root for this.

Let’s break it down. First we have Maximus (Iwan Rheon), the human who would be king, trying to assert control over Attilan. He uses Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) to deliver a message to the Genetic Counsel but things don’t go according to plan. Now I’ll be honest the entire sequence felt overly predictable but it got another player to Earth with a talent that can hold her own. Meanwhile he’s dispatched troops to our world to confront Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), including a badly dressed one that looks like something out of a Power Rangers episode.

The latter half of that actually was entertaining and showed a decent confrontation that gives me some hope for where this first season might go. As for the Queen, Medusa (Serinda Swan)she’s still on the road looking for her husband. This arc was another bright spot as the talent got a moment where she ate, then rested, and took an account of everything. It was a well acted simple scene involving her reflection and a mirror, showcasing yet again why the loss of her abilities is still the most interesting thing about this small screen franchise. Karnak (Ken Leung) stumbles upon an illegal operation and his power is still out of whack, leaving this Inhuman feeling rather useless in the current fight.

As all this is going on Black Bolt (Anson Mount) is in prison having his own period of reflection and planning. As additional forces move in to make a move either in or against his favor. The hour plays our rather simply and to the credit of the cast they each take to what happens in their roles rather well. But the set design on Attilan still looks too goofy and the costumes are out of sync at best. It’s a weird intersection between comic adaptions as they are and what they would have been in the 90s had the House of Ideas tried to adapt this then.




Marvel’s Inhumans “Divide — and Conquer” extends the series and improves on some of the elements while giving the cast material they need to make their characters more than what they were . So it’s okay, not great or on par with Agents of S.HI.E.L.D. but it’s trying.

6 Stars (6 / 10)

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