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THE GIFTED “rX” Review

Heavy handed and a little clunky, the second outing for The Gifted still holds true to the elements that can easily make Marvel‘s merry band of mutants accessible even to non comic fandom. Right off the bat they keep the focus strictly on family and the question of how you would react if someone you loved turned out to be different in a world that hates and fears them. That all sounds good but that opening scene made me cringe, it had a message behind it but it needed to be handled better than it was. Still as flashbacks go it could have always been worse.

rX” finds our cast dealing directly with the fallout from last week’s premiere. The Underground is dealing with a sick Blink (Jamie Chung) who’s opening up portals randomly, while the Strucker papa, Reed (Stephen Moyer), is being held by Sentinel Services. Meanwhile Polaris (Emma Dumont) is pregnant and locked up without any back-up. It all adds up to an epilogue episode that’s ripe with entertainment and as time goes on the script find room for nuance, development and ultimately growth while still stumbling a bit along the way.

Our main plot centers around Kate Strucker (Amy Acker) a mom, who’s been forced into a world that was outside her own, but finds a way to deal with it and keep her family mostly together. You can tell that, like most people, she knew what was going on around her but she turned a blind eye to it. Having to help Blink and going on an adventure with Eclipse (Sean Teale) to get meds offers an opportunity to see a different perspective. The results are awesome, especially with the steadily increasing tension back at their rundown slightly damaged home base.

It’s there the two kids, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White), are trying to keep things together under the watchful eye of Thunderbird (Blair Redford). What works in this hour on Fox is the cast and direction, they make a clear effort to capitalize on the already achieved momentum pushed out during the premiere while kind of pushing toward some fresh material. What fails the episode is the script which, in minor moments, delivers some terrible dialogue that just feels wholly out of place with the whole endeavor of the eXperience.




The Gifted “rX” proves that this small screen extension of the X-Men franchise has some room to work and place to grow. Although it didn’t get everything right the majority of the work entertained in a way that just deserves to find itself a dedicated audience so catch up.

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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