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When Gotham arrived on Fox I didn’t know what to expect. Early on this DC TV property struggled to find its footing but it didn’t take long for her cast and crew to get where they wanted to go, a healthy stride between camp and crazy. Employing subtitled arcs for the second and third years we saw this pre-Batman property flex its small screen muscles. After Rise of the Villains gave way to their Wrath, a Mad City was born which was ripe for Heroes to Rise. But now we’re at the Dawn of Night which to be honest all sounds good.

But here’s four reasons to be overly excited for Season 4 in September!


With his villains coming before his career gets going I know a lot of fans have mixed feelings, mostly about where Bruce is on his own journey. But you know what? The end of the last slew of episodes showed our young billionaire donning a mask and fending off a criminal attack. He took his third major step toward Batman. And considering that the subtitle for this one has the word Night in it, I think it’s a fair guess to say that we all know where this is going. And yes I said it was his third step. Because when he confronted Jerome and used his intellect to take down the bad guy that was the first one. The second was when he came to the conclusion that he needed a rule that he wouldn’t break.


Right from the start Camren Bicondova was a stellar part of the series but last season two major things happened that finally set her up to take on her destined persona. She almost died and some feline friends came to her aid in an homage to Batman Returns. She also got to use her whip when Selina joined up with Tabitha in that oh so stellar finale. Catwoman is coming! So we should all be grinning ear to ear as this downright stellar talent gets to take her role to the next level as her characters evolves toward the icon she needs to be.


It was heavily hinted that Harley Quinn would make her debut on Gotham in the finale, but after it wrapped there was nothing on the surface. Well I think she’s actually been on the show since season one! And when Ms. Kean had it out with her criminal partner only to be electrocuted it felt like the right way for the series to bring a true end to Barbara and welcome a new psychotic threat. She’s never going to be Mrs. Gordon is this version of the mythos but if we get to see her and Joker, I mean, Jerome do their thing for a bit I’m game!


Butch Gilzean from day one has been this character that seemed downright impossible to kill. Again we found him clinging to life after being shot in the head by Babs but strangely enough we learned his real name. I give you Cyrus Gold! If you don’t know who that is don’t worry because we’re here to let you know that’s the given name for Solomon Grundy. You know the zombie type villain or anti-hero that is nearly indestructible with superhuman strength and stamina. After the big reveal I’m eager to see where he goes next as Batman begins to rise!

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