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    THE DEFENDERS “The Defenders” Review

    After the better part of eight hours worth of television, we finally reach the finale of The Defenders. It may have gotten off to a slow start, with more than a few missteps along the way, but overall the show has been rather impressive. What we get in this concluding episode, however, is unfortunately a […]

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    THE DEFENDERS “Fish in the Jailhouse” Review

    We reach the penultimate episode of The Defenders, and following “Ashes, Ashes” shocking climax, we can be safe in assuming that our heroes are in for a surprise. It may take some time for “Fish in the Jailhouse” to return to this moment, but once it does we get an extremely tense encounter involving Elektra […]

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    Let’s Meet MARVEL’S INHUMANS in this PREVIEW

    Why wait until September 1st to meet Marvel‘s Inhumans, just checkout the preview below and quake with an uneasy feeling. Let’s be honest the road to release for this franchise has been rocky. It started out as a movie officially within the realms of the MCU but now it’s been brought to the small screen […]

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    GAME OF THRONES “Beyond the Wall” Review

    It has become something of a precedent for the penultimate episode in a Game of Thrones season to be epic in scale, suffering great losses. That isn’t about to change anytime soon, with “Beyond the Wall” delivering some sensational action as well as what is arguably the biggest loss the show has seen so far. […]

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    SUMMERSLAM 2017 Round-up

    “The biggest party of the summer” once again returns to the Barclays Centre, and given the spectacle that NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III delivered, SummerSlam had a lot to live up to. Heading into the pay-per-view, we are given a generally enticing match card, as despite there being a few questionable bookings, there’s more than enough […]

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    THE DEFENDERS “Ashes, Ashes” Review

    We’re starting to get to the tail end of The Defenders’ first season, with only two episodes remaining after this. Despite getting off to a slow start, the show has quickly proven its worth over the last few episodes, giving us some shocking twists along the way. As we enter “Ashes, Ashes” the cast and […]

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    THE DEFENDERS “Take Shelter” Review

    The Defenders marches into its fifth episode, and now that we’re past the halfway mark we finally start to see the show’s true potential. Moving swiftly on from the gripping climax of “Royal Dragon” our heroes once again do battle with The Hand, with Gao (Wai Ching Ho) and Murakami (Yutaka Takeuchi) entering the fray. […]

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