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    We may be mere weeks away from the release of Thor: Ragnarok, but already Marvel Studios are looking ahead to their next blockbuster, Black Panther. Having given us an enticing teaser back in June, the marketing department look to go that one step further in grabbing our attention. Delivering one of their more elaborate trailers […]

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    It’s been a long and winding road for the card throwing mutant, but finally Gambit gets a new release date. Having originally been scheduled to arrive in cinemas last year, the project has suffered its fair share of setbacks. Most notable amongst these was the departure of director Rupert Wyatt, with the studio not finding […]

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    The moment that fans around the galaxy have been hotly anticipating is finally here, as the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives. Though we still have a bit of a wait until the movie hits cinemas December 15th, there is still plenty of reason to get hyped for Christmas. Having already given […]

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    Todd McFarlane talks SPAWN BUDGET

    So the Spawn budget, how big or small is that going to be? Here’s the thing when it was first announced that the creator of this Heaven–Hell centered franchise was seeking to reboot his indie hit I think we all got a little worried. And as time went on it became clear that Todd McFarlane had […]

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    Gore Verbinski in talks to direct GAMBIT

    So there’s no secret that over at 20th Century Fox there’s a lot of projects centering around Marvel’s merry mutants. From the small screen (Legion and The Gifted), to a reel of awesome features heading out way (Deadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants) there’s a lot to be excited for but one project […]

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    First Trailer for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING is EPIC

    What did I just watch? If you’ve been on the fence about the idea of a Pacific Rim sequel then the first trailer for Uprising may very well change your mind. Giving us an epic display of what the new Jaegers are capable of, as well as some good old fashioned Kaiju action, this latest clip […]

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    Heroes Unite in NEW JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

    We’re little over a month away from the release of Justice League, but before these icons unite for their first live action team-up Warner Bros. want to turn up the hype. Now it’s no secret that most fans were disappointed in Batman v. Superman, with Suicide Squad being no different. But Wonder Woman rocked so […]

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    BLADE RUNNER 2049 Review

    It has been thirty-five years since the release of Blade Runner, but finally Warner Bros. see fit to give us a sequel. Now if I’m being honest, I was more than a little sceptical when this project was first announced, feeling that the studio are building upon this classic for profit alone. This opinion has […]

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