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    Following our discussion with co-writer Rob Jones, I was heading into this series expecting something a little quirky, and possibly some idiotic events. The result was exactly this and more, as within the pages of Ramlock Investigates #1 we get a story that is both fun and engaging. Set in a world where animals walk […]

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    Rob Jones talks MADIUS COMICS

    The British comic book scene has seen a new publisher emerge in the last year, as Madius Comics have given us a new style of witty stories. We got the chance to talk with co-founder and Rob Jones about the company and how he has approached writing some of their products. Snap Pow: Madius Comics […]

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    Papercuts and Inkstains #2 Review

    It’s always nice to see a small independent company emerge, especially when they create good work. Something Madius Comics definitely did with Papercuts and Inkstains #1. Having a similar feel to it, this second issue remains as fun as its predecessors, with the three quirky tales that are featured within this comic being both clever […]

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