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    G.I. JOE: FIRST STRIKE #1 Review

    There might be a team away on Cybertron thanks to what’s going on in First Strike but there are still troubles here on Earth. And that’s where this issue picks up, as the creative team presents a fun atmosphere that sees Cobra try to take advantage of a splintered squad with their own dastardly agenda. What we get […]

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    First Strike #3 Review

    The Hasbro mega-event takes our Earth bound force to Cyberton and the creative team is more than ready to let them try to confront the chaos. With smart writing and sophisticated art First Strike unleashes its third issue and fans of all these properties are in for a treat. The time has come for allies […]

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    Dread Gods #2 Review

    This saga, brought to you by the recently resurrected Ominous Press, is slowly coming into itself. After a dynamic first issue the creative team returns with three distinct plot lines that are moving along rather nicely. What we have in our hands is a follow up that expands the scope of Dread Gods while pealing […]

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    Since purchasing Lucasfilm a few years ago, Disney has kept the galaxy far, far away firmly at Marvel. Well now we have an all ages comic from IDW to sink our teeth into, with the publisher delivering a product that doesn’t rely too heavily on the lore of the franchise. What we get from this […]

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    Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #2 Review

    What I love about the world of Wynonna Earp is that it truly exists wholly within itself. In Season Zero we have a creative team diving headfirst into some backstory within the confines of a present day yarn. The focus is on a biker gang that happened to be like family to our heroine in […]

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #2 Review

    Dimension X rolls forward this week, with the five part mini-series getting a new creative team. What we get from this latest entry, is a narrative that sees our Heroes in a Halfshell track down a former member of Krang’s army, Anemon, who comes from an alien race of sumo wrestlers. Now this sort of […]

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    FIRST STRIKE #1 Review

    Earth is formally joining the Cybertronian Council of Worlds but not everyone is on board with that. That’s where we find the landscape in this Hasbro comic book event involving G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Rom, Micronauts and of course Transformers. It’s a lot of players in for this but we’re dealing with a creative team that […]

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    IDW celebrate their landmark achievement of being the longest running TMNT series this week by kicking of “The Trial of Krang.” To accompanying this, the publisher are giving us a five part mini-series that sees our Heroes in a Halfshell track down the witnesses for Krang’s trial before the deadly assassin known as Hakk-R can […]

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