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    Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman #6 Review

    I’m late to the party, I know but here’s the thing I had to give my two cents on this crossover. Because for five issues the creative team nailed it and guess what? The finale is no different as this DC and Dynamite event that brought together Wonder Woman ’77 and Bionic Woman gets a finish […]

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    Magnus #4 Review

    Here we are with the latest issue for Magnus, a title that deals directly with whether or not machines and man can co-exist as they currently are. In the future artificial intelligences have settled in within our society as colleagues or servants in a system that earns them vacation time in a digital world. But […]

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    Mighty Mouse #4 Review

    Mouseville is in danger but so is our world! A massive alien invasion is happening and Mighty Mouse, the cartoon hero, is trapped with all us real folks. And the creative team runs with that fact spinning an outstanding yarn that captures the essence of the franchise while updating it for a modern comic book […]

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    The Sovereigns #5 Review

    When The Sovereigns first launched we were promised a massive re-imagining of the Gold Key line and that’s exactly what we got in this series. The creative team found a way to unite characters and properties across time all in an effort to build something that leads to this point. We’ve reached a place where […]

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    KISS/Vampirella #4 Review

    I never expected to like this crossover as much as I am but man the creative team, even four issues in, is firing on all cylinders! They present a Dynamite title worth owning with an easily accessible narrative that plays with a specific point in time for both the legendary band and our scarlet clad […]

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    It’s easy to prejudge a character before you get to know them but trust me in the case of this titular heroine that would be a mistake. The creative team is breathing new life into the Queen of the Jungle and two issues in there’s no doubt that they’re doing a great job so far. […]

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    SwordQuest #3 Review

    The odyssey of Peter Case, an old school fanboy with some modern day troubles, continues here. As our hero, the twins and his pseudo guide journey to Los Angeles to attend the Retro Gaming Convention. Now I get that the whole concept behind this book is silly, but with a striking creative team at its […]

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    FRUIT NINJA #1 Review

    You know when I said I’d review Fruit Ninja #1 I had my doubts but the creative team won me over. That’s right, a comic book based on a app store game found a way to not only succeed but impress while boasting the fabled arts of Juice Jitsu. I know that sounds stupid and silly, […]

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