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    Genius: Cartel #3 Review

    Here’s what I love about this follow up to the 2014 original, the Top Cow title pulls no punches as the creative team paints their world in the way they want to. It’s easy to read but, at times, frustrating as our main character using her core skills to survive the situation she’s in without […]

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    Van Helsing vs. The Werewolf #4 Review

    The adventures continue for Liesel Van Helsing in the mountains as the daughter of the well known monster hunter does what’s best when it comes to the creatures of the night. It took three issues to build up to this point but here we are as the fourth one opens with a confrontation between our […]

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    Vampirella vol. 4 #7 Review

    Our journey deep into the mind of our titular heroine continues with a second issue that’s engaging from beginning to end. The creative team spins a yarn that explains how this current iteration of Vampirella carries the memories of other versions of herself in the year three thousand and something. It’s a trip, to say the […]

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    Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens #3 Review

    Here’s what you need to know about Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens, three issues in this title stands tall as one that absolutely earns a spot on your pull-list. The creative team from the first page to the final panel understands how they want to interpret the myth while updating it. The end result suits […]

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    Kill or Be Killed #13 Review

    Once again we return to the opening moments of this series, with Dylan finally promising to tell this portion of his story. What we get in between this is yet another look at his current state of mind, with his interest in the “demon” and why his father drew it so much being the focal […]

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    RUGRATS #1 Review

    It’s been fourteen years since Rugrats came to an end, but thanks to Nickelodeon and KaBOOM! we’re able to relive this nostalgic children’s show once more. Delivering a simple, yet effective narrative that sees our mischievous toddlers monitored by their parents, the creative team waste little time in grabbing our attention. What follows this is […]

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    Kill the Minotaur #5 Review

    We arrive at the penultimate chapter of Kill the Minotaur, and following the monster’s death last issue, there is the question of what we’ll get in these remaining two issues. Now I’m not about to play spoiler, but what I will say is that there’s an intriguing, albeit predictable, twist early on. What follows this […]

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    Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #6 Review

    The short lived and nonetheless stellar Showtime series continues in comic book form, as the creative team charts their own course with these memorable characters. It’s a fun treat, as the latest issue dives head first into The Awakening, as the master of lies himself has risen from the depths of Hell. The end of […]

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