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    DollFace #6 Review

    You’ve never heard of DollFace? Well let me introduce you to this breakout character form Action Lab Entertainment who happens to be a 17th century soul trapped in the body of a life size ball-jointed doll. Her name is Lila and she’s also a witch hunter, with layers of extreme awesomeness that seem downright ripe […]

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    VORACIOUS #1 Review

    One of the things I love most about reviewing comics, is discovering new and unique tales. That’s exactly what Action Lab has delivered in Voracious, with this sixty-four page oversized first issue giving us a bold new take on culinary storytelling. Focusing on a one an accomplished chef named Nate Willner, who has lost the […]

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    GRAVEDIGGER #1 Review

    Gravedigger is a popular noir web series that’s now available at your local comic shop and you need to pick it up. It has a smart creative team that’s ready, and willing, to execute as easy to follow premise as this latest treat from Action Lab does more than a few things right. I went […]

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    Once upon a time, I was walking the showroom floor at a convention up in Los Angeles and I happened to spy a character named Zombie Tramp. My instant reaction was one where I rolled my eyes and kept walking, but now after reading a handful of issues I have to say I’ve become a fan. […]

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    Vamplets #3 Review

    I had no idea what to expect from this book, so color me surprised that I actually walked away from Vamplets #3 engaged and entertained. The creative team offered up an easy to follow outing that was wholly understandable, while crafting a solid fantasy that could speak to multiple demographics. So in other words what we […]

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