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    Kid Sherlock #4 Review

    Welcome to Case File #4! The Action Lab kid friendly iteration of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic brings its cartoon antics back to comic shops for another month. And the quality is still present and accounted for as the creative team hits the ground running. The offer a simple narrative that puts the children at Baker […]

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    What the heck did I just read? That’s my gut reaction after I closed my copy of Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1, as the creative team spins a weirdly entertaining yarn set in a post apocalyptic future. The thing that’s different here is that the chaos, born from whatever it is that happened to the world, brought […]

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    Amerikarate #6 Review

    If you want something violent and straight forward, get ready because Amerikarate really is an 80s action spoof with all the classic tropes present and accounted for. The story is based around simple logic with a creative team that’s found a way to bring what they want to a comic stand near you. And the result […]

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    Kid Sherlock #3 Review

    Peabody and Sherman eat your heart out, because Kid Sherlock and John Watson are on the case! If your fans of the literary icon then this will be a welcome extension that brings the game of being a “consulting detective” down to the halls of Baker Elementary. This time we have missing equipment, so thankfully […]

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    DollFace #6 Review

    You’ve never heard of DollFace? Well let me introduce you to this breakout character form Action Lab Entertainment who happens to be a 17th century soul trapped in the body of a life size ball-jointed doll. Her name is Lila and she’s also a witch hunter, with layers of extreme awesomeness that seem downright ripe […]

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    VORACIOUS #1 Review

    One of the things I love most about reviewing comics, is discovering new and unique tales. That’s exactly what Action Lab has delivered in Voracious, with this sixty-four page oversized first issue giving us a bold new take on culinary storytelling. Focusing on a one an accomplished chef named Nate Willner, who has lost the […]

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    GRAVEDIGGER #1 Review

    Gravedigger is a popular noir web series that’s now available at your local comic shop and you need to pick it up. It has a smart creative team that’s ready, and willing, to execute as easy to follow premise as this latest treat from Action Lab does more than a few things right. I went […]

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    Once upon a time, I was walking the showroom floor at a convention up in Los Angeles and I happened to spy a character named Zombie Tramp. My instant reaction was one where I rolled my eyes and kept walking, but now after reading a handful of issues I have to say I’ve become a fan. […]

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