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Here’s another example of why it’s awesome to be a fanboy or fangirl right now! The DC Extended Universe is in full swing and in a little over a month their staple icons come to the big screen in their first live action team movie ever! Behold the Justice League unites on the latest issue of Empire. The JL centric release got some nice quotes. Ranging from tone to visual flare but I think the former is much more important.

Justice League is not a dark or heavy movie. It doesn’t have the weight that Batman v Superman had.

- Gal Gadot

I think that’s the aspect that many just wished would eventually shift when all these heroes got on screen. I know a long time ago I wrote a piece saying that The Flash, and his trademark persona, could save the forming line of movies. I stand by that prediction but after Wonder Woman it’s clear that this needs to be a team effort. The film that’s set to unite must also embrace a fun atmosphere with rich personality.

But what do you think? Between the talents involved will Justice League rock our socks off? Or just disappoint?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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