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Now that the other company in the big two has dived into their own cinematic universe people moan and groan. Well bad news haters because Wonder Woman and her DCU are already a success story! Before Diana lassoed our wallets Superman came storming along, at the right time in my mind. It was a grounded origin story that saw an alien from another planet find shelter via our shores. But you know what I hate? People missed the point of the movie! It was an attempt to take a fantastical narrative, strip it down and make something new.

Decades prior to Kal-El revealing himself Wonder Woman gave up on the world of man because of her experiences away from her people and among ours. She saw how flawed we were but when Doomsday reared his ugly head she did the right thing, donned her armor and helped take down the mammoth beast. The Age of Heroes began once more with a simple act of unity for this trinity in the face of overwhelming odds. If you look at the first slew of movies for the DC Extended Universe you see a solid three part play, WW is the prologue and Suicide Squad the weird intermission, that takes what we know: we’ve lost faith in our icons. So now they have to be updated to combat cynicism.

With these metas walking around ready to defend without question we had to get past the fact that it feels kind of wrong that they would fight for a world that might hate or worship them. That’s why Zack Snyder did what he did with Man of Steel. Superman steps out, reluctantly, to save the day but he doesn’t trust mankind. The movie pushes a plot where faith and trust play a much bigger role then I think anyone really expected. Sure the family being threatened by Zod and him snapping the neck of the bad guy still feels wrong but it served a purpose.

I had my problems with what I’ve seen so far but damn, WW just got her own flick! So did Suicide Squad! And hell the Bat of Gotham took on the last son of Krypton for like ten tension filled minutes. We live in a world where scenes that normally would never get a chance at beyond the comic book page are finally aloud a crack at the silver screen and all I see online are fans getting negative about it. The big arc started with Clark‘s struggle against Zod and continued through BvS: Dawn of Justice is one about who they all are if they existed in our world today. In their simplest terms and most convenient definitions we’re about to see them be who they should be come November.

Audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes are passing, more or less, they range from 61% to 90% oppose to 25% to 92%. among reviewers. Box Office totals, for the international haul go from $668 million to 873 million! There are problems, don’t get me wrong. Suicide Squad still had a horrible final battle and I’m really not sure about Jared Leto as the Joker but there’s more solid than shaky! Henry Cavill is an inspiration as our alien refugee. BatFleck is a phrase worth praising! Gal Gadot is the perfect woman to take on the role of Diana Prince! So by all means take stock in what’s worked, hope for the best and try to be like the ten year old version of you. Shut your brain down, enjoy the ride!

I’m not saying it’s all positive but there’s more good and great than bad and rotten with Wonder Woman and her DC Universe.

Get ready Justice League rises November 17th, 2017.


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