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Once in a great while you come across one of those rare gems that you actually remembered watching as a kid. I had that experience this weekend with Big Trouble in Little China. My buddies and I went to our local Cinemark theater and it was being re-played as a classic. Once I sat down and started watching it the movie reminded me about how much fun it was.

Produced by Twentieth Century Fox and directed by John Carpenter in 1986, this yarn had black magic, sorcery, martial arts and an actual story (amidst all the cheesiness). It kept you laughing all the way as we followed a tough man trucker named Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) as he made deliveries in San Francisco’s China Town. He stops to play a gambling game of cards with his friend Wang, his pal loses but convinces our hero to go pick up his fiancee Mao Yin from the airport.

Big Trouble in Little China Throwback 01

That is where things go awry first Jack runs into this suspicious reporter, Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall) then he sees these ridiculous looking thugs who work for a villainous gang called the Wing Kong. They grab Mao Yin and take off, this prompts our adventure as our protagonist and his pal get caught up in a gang war between the Wing Kong and the Chang Sings. Little do they know this will lead to more as we all hop on board for a wild ride of sorcery, curses and girls with green eyes to lift those said ailments.

I want to mention that the way Kurt Russell plays Jack Burton is a hoot. You get him as his tough guy self but he’s also bumbling and idiotic at times. And that is just so awesome to see such a star in that time play something that is so like him but yet unlike him in order to nail the comedy. I would also like to mention James Hong‘s role in the film as the villain Lo Pan. He gives a great performance that’s so believable as a two thousand year old sorcerer that it will give you the creeps. On the other hand the actor is so over the top at times in his performance, that it just leaves you laughing at how he laughs (I am not kidding).

Big Trouble in Little China is a good movie, with corny moments, but nonetheless it’s a rare gem that is known by many but sadly not enough. I would suggest that you all see this go out rent, buy or borrow because you’ll enjoy it.

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