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When the last Ninja Turtles movie arrived I wasn’t thrilled. It looked like they just pulled weird clichés out of their butts as none of the CGI looked fresh, and Shredder turned into a micro Transformer size. There was confusion on who the main villain was as rumors circulated about who in fact was meant to be the primary antagonist so needless to say when all the dust settled I wasn’t impressed with what we got.

Now that I’ve seen this second trailer, I have to say I still feel mostly the same but just a tad different. The film seems like it’s going to be more entertaining now, with bigger action and more personality which is always great! With remnants of the Foot clan that actually look like Ninjas and what looks to be a slew familiar bad guys like Baxter Stockman sets a different tone. But more importantly Bebop and Rocksteady are in the mix which is already beyond awesome for any long time fan. Casey Jones is here too so by all means get hyped for this one guys it’s okay!

But I’m still not altogether impressed with how it all mixes together. While the action, and even the story may look great the CGI and natural feel of this film still look very sloppy and over-saturated. I know some people would probably say to me, that they are trying to capture a complete comic book feel but if you want to make it look more realistic, t shouldn’t be as goofy looking as it is in the trailer. Then there’s Megan Fox, and I am sorry to all the fans of her work, she is not that great of an actress. There is a better April O’Neil out there you just have to convince Michael Bay to find her. But hey a sequel could very well be a cure to what ails the franchise.

Now these gripes might sound like I’m not willing to give Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows a chance but that’s not true. Overall there’s promise for the feature, more than the first one, and it will also be good to see Will Arnett again because his character was fun. So, you never know maybe, just maybe, we’ll all walk out of theaters and be just a tad bit surprised. We shall see what happens come June 3rd!

We want to believe TMNT 2


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