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When you look at what DreamWorks has to offer, in my opinion, I think Despicable Me trumps their other works but hey I still have love for their ogre. The Shrek films were very popular so much so that they made four flicks plus a spin off. To many children and adults the first two are all that matters. The humor was fresh, the concepts original and they had a great voice cast behind the characters. But even so there’s one that’s remembered less fondly by fans of all ages. The one I’m talking about is of course Shrek the Third.

An addition to the series that got a lukewarm reception at best. Lead by our titular hero (Mike Myers), his faithful sidekick Donkey (Eddie Murphy), the one and only Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) plus his wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz) a new quest emerges. We learn that Shrek is filling in for the King and Queen, because his majesty (John Cleese) has been ill. He realizes this is his possible future and he doesn’t want it. Instead: he’d like to go back to the swamp and just veg. Of course the King turns out to be dying and Shrek is now his chosen successor.

He refuses then we find out there’s one remaining heir. His name is Arthur (Justin Timberlake). Shrek, also learns some news that Fiona is pregnant,and he isn’t also ready for the responsibility of having children. While Shrek is out getting Arthur, from the School of Camelot (yes, Camelot, is a prep-school in this movie), we see that Prince Charming (Rupert Everett), is reduced to doing dinner theater, for the other fairy tale creatures, and people of Far Far Away. Humiliated, and dejected he can’t stand it any longer, so he wants to take is rightful place in the kingdom by force. So, he goes to that dark bar in the woods we saw in the second film and convinces all the villains to take back their happily ever after! Prince Charming, also learns of the new heir, and plans to take out both Arthur and Shrek when they return.

Now granted after that synopsis there anyone can say that this isn’t as good as the first two and I agree. But there are good moments, the humor is still top notch. With great writing from the Shrek team and the comedic delivery from Myers, Murphy and Banderas is as strong as ever. Plus, I think that Rupert Everett did a great job as Prince Charming and delivered a credible villain for the third film. Plus, with other good performances by Julie Andrews, Eric Idle, Larry King, Cheri Oteri, Maya Rudolph, Ian McShane, Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris and Seth Rogen.




In  defense of Shrek the Third it’s an enjoyable film loaded with tons of laughs.  Not to mention the story has a solid moral core revolving around the idea of taking responsibility and excepting change as a family. It’s a film you should see again, if you happened to ignore or even forget about it.

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