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Youngblood #3 Review

Maybe it’s just me but I love when the world of comics sees fit to resurrect a property in time for its 25th Anniversary. And through this new volume and its opening story arc fans are treated to a version of Youngblood that comes complete with fresh and senior members. The creative minds behind the release pen a yarn that’s coming together rather briskly what with these abductions and all. In a landscape where young heroes look up to the infamous titular team, everything presented within the confines of this issue comes off rather fitting.

For this aged but dynamic Rob Liefeld squad, the author of the book has found a way to make them relevant again. And that’s what really make this release from Image more than worth a purchase. The script is easy to follow as the third romp continues to find ways to incorporate players like Doc Rocket, Diehard, Bloodwulf and Badrock. What I love most about the text is the dialogue, as Chad Bowers offers up solid banter with one or two funny moments that fit the world. It’s not perfect by any stretch but it is entertaining.

Beyond the literary side of things Jim Towe continues to impress with crisp clean visuals. Each character looks as they should with just enough of their trademark personality on display. I wish the talent could have been given the opportunity for action as the opening but brief scuffle proves he excels at that but hey maybe next month. Still we can all be thankful for the colors by Juan Manuel Rodríguez as each page pops with a purpose because of them. So much so that I’m willing to say that this deserves attention for the artwork alone.




Youngblood #3 may not be as strong as its opener but the positive stride for this new series continues in earnest. Huge kudos to the creative team for finding a way to bring back this Image classic while giving them an upgrade. The core of what garnered an audience for the previous volumes is still there as this issue earns recognition from me.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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