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Wonder Woman #5 Review
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We’ve been back and forth over the last month and a bit as the creative team have given us two intriguing narratives. As we enter the third chapter of “The Lies” we continue to see how Diana explores the grey areas of her past and how she’s responding to the fact that things aren’t necessarily how she remembers. What I love most about this is the way the creative team explore the character relationships during this, with the current partnership of Diana and Cheetah being engaging to say the least. That said there is a huge part of me that feels this story is moving way too slow, with there being little in the way of major developments so far.

Greg Rucka somehow manages to co-ordinate two intriguing narratives at the same time, with the way they stand out on their own, yet integrate with one another being truly remarkable. That said there are parts of Rucka‘s script that just feel a little off, with the general pacing and development choices leaving me conflicted at times. Despite this there is still a lot to enjoy within this tale, with some marvellous dialogue along the way. Add to this the way Rucka builds upon Steve Trevor’s role in this narrative and how this ties into Wonder Woman’s mission and there is plenty to keep fans invested.

One thing that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying about this series is the stunning artwork we get, with both Liam Sharpe and Nicola Scott doing their respective story justice. As for “The Lies” Sharpe continues to give us a mixture of emotion, grit and determination, with his dynamic layouts being truly magnificent. The wonderful texture that we get through his marvellous shading and Laura Martin‘s vivid colours also help this to become an engaging story, with there being a rich overtone from start to finish. If this isn’t enough to impress, the engaging character interactions are sure to win you over, with the raw emotions and powerful expressions really helping to convey the tone of Rucka‘s script.




Wonder Woman #5 isn’t quite the thrilling continuation I was hoping for “The Lies,” but it still gives us enough reasons to remain invested in this story. It also once again showcases the quality of the art team, also giving us some wonderful character interaction along the way.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

Wonder Woman #5

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