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Wayward #23 Review

Here’s the problem with teenagers discovering that they have strange supernatural powers, sometimes things get out of hand fast. That’s exactly what happens in the latest issue of Wayward which focuses directly on an event that might bring our scattered group back together. Two hidden members were secluded in a hotel but then a bad decision for one left another vulnerable for what’s now happening to them.

What continues to be the central strength of the narrative is the way the author approaches the mystical elements while locking the entire series of events in raw real emotions. He keeps the characters front and center in this expanding tale as Jim Zub pens a script that introduces us to Object Ghosts. All the while the city is under attack by an apparent kaiju, that’s actually Emi, and the hits just keep on coming! But don’t worry after returning from being lured away by a Yokai, Shirai kind of has this in hand, as the yarn escalates the stakes for our primaries.

From the first issue on this book has been adorned with expert illustrations that meld various philosophies in a way that highlights their strengths. Steven Cummings continues that streak with more panels and pages that are pretty much near perfect. I love the way the talent approaches the supernatural aspects while keeping all the players highly expressive along the way. Add in the color work by Tamra Bonvillain and there’s no denying the fact that this really is an Image release that absolutely warrants attention and praise.




Wayward #23 should be on your pull-list already, but if if it isn’t then it really needs to be especially if you’re in the market for real world mystical type antics. There’s no doubt in my mind that the creative team has maintained a high level of quality through out their run and the latest issue is no different, as it more than earns a recommendation from me. So by all means treat yourself with this stellar comic book.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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