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The Walking Dead #171 Review

What we get in this twenty-two page comic is quite possibly the most outlandish Walking Dead issue to date. Moving on with their journey to meet other survivors in Ohio, Michonne and company stumble upon a young woman who hasn’t spoken to another living being in over a year. Rivalling even the great Negan as one of the craziest, “Princess” quickly rubs the group up the wrong way, with it being clear that life on her own hasn’t done her any favours. If this isn’t enough, we also get a tense and dramatic follow-on from last issue’s cliffhanger, as Siddiq opens up further to Eugene about the feelings he and Rosita shared.

One of the key reasons that The Walking Dead remains such an intricate comic, is the fabulous characterisation from Robert Kirkman. This is best shown through introductions and deaths, with the most recent examples coming from Andrea’s death and the arrival of the Whisperers. What we get from this latest issue is no different, with “Princess” being one of the most imaginative characters that we’ve seen in the series to date. This is all the more impressive due to the brief time period that these events take place in, with the dialogue and character depth being enticing from start to finish.

Charlie Adlard as ever impresses on the visual side of things, with his striking illustrations being as captivating as ever. Whether it’s the detailed backdrops or vivid facial expressions, the talent certainly knows how to catch the eye. He also captures the bold, extravagant attitude of “Princess” perfectly, with Michonne’s nonchalant response also adding drama. This is all given wonderful texture thanks to the sharp inks of Stefano Gaudiano and deep grey tones of Cliff Rathburn, with it yet again being extremely hard to fault the visual side of this comic.




The Walking Dead #171 is a refreshing reminder of just how good this comic can be. Introducing us to an eccentric new character, the creative team deliver one of the most outlandish entries in the series to date. During this we get plenty of drama, with the characterisation and comic timing sure to leave readers eager for more from “Princess.”

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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