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Violent Love #7 Review

If you go to your local shop this Wednesday and you want to pick up something that oozes with style, then you have to buy this book! Violent Love is a title that perfectly fits the tale at hand, as we see two main characters full of emotion and intent as they tear up the state of Texas. This Image Comics release struts its stuff with ease as it boasts a smart and capable creative team at its literary helm.

Frank J. Barbiere pens the script and the body of text jumps between 1972 and 1987. In the former Rock Bradley and Daisy Jane are preparing for their next score while in the latter one of them is getting a gun. Revenge is in the air as the author charts a path for our two lovebirds and their enemy Johnny Nails. It’s a compelling read that never, even for a second holds back from what needs to happen next. We know where things eventually end up so now it’s just a matter of time before all of it falls in line with what little we’ve seen.

Now as much as I like how straight forward the written wood can be, it’s the visual style of Victor Santos that makes this release a must own. Once again the talent effortlessly sets the mood. Panels that feel organically chaotic marry color and line work in a way that’s different and familiar. It leaves an almost haunting impression of simplicity that should excite curious onlookers and please fans that have been around since this title got its initial start. In short: this a stellar display that absolutely earns praise from beginning to end.




Violent Love #7 pushes its story forward in a high caliber way. It’s gets damn close to perfection, so much so that this noir driven crime spree seems bound to attract attention from all over the industry. The issue easily gains recognition and a recommendation from this reviewer.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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