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Violent Love #6 Review

After a few months gone Violent Love returns with its sixth chapter and a brand new story arc. “Bastards of Young” starts in 1951 , goes to 1987, then pack to 1972 and gives us an epilogue set in 1987, with our duo squarely at its core. What I love the most about the series is how innately stylish each page and panel seems. It’s like we’re witnessing the raw DNA talent of a creative team that knows exactly what narrative yarn they’re trying to share with their audience. The end result is a downright treat for pulp fanboys and fangirls.

Frank J. Barbiere pens the script and the author does a tremendous job moving things along. Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley come off as young lovers with a notorious streak, love or hate these two it’s hard not to root for them. Especially when they play off of each other so well, with solid back and forth banter that captures their personalities the scribe gives readers exactly what they need. The dialogue just flows smoothly all the way to a climactic moment when our female lead sends a direct message to Johnny Nails.

More so than anything else the book is blessed with a beautiful visual style as Victor Santos effortlessly sets the mood. Each page and panel drips with intent, as pencil strokes combine with ink and color in a way that sells the moment and ensures an audience. The form of each scene is cinematic with a series of interactions and characters that more than work through out the various decades. I’m a huge fan of what I’m seeing and I can’t wait to see what the illustrator does with #7.




Violent Love #6 starts a new arc that needs to push things forward and it does. These two bank robbers have got it going on and considering where things end up I’m eager to see how it all plays out. But if you haven’t been keeping up I highly recommend picking this up plus the trade paperback that collects the first five. It’s worth the investment, trust me.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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