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Venomverse is here and the Marvel universe will never be the same! Maybe that’s overstating it but nonetheless the big hyped up symbiote fueled crossover has arrived, and the first issue finds our Venom thrust right into the thick of it as the creative team whisks him away to another place where he can, hopefully, lead our heroes to victory. It’s silly and fun, especially if you love some action in you buy pile!

In the wake of Spider-Verse Cullen Bunn pens a not so complicated script that goes right to the core of who our lethal protector is. We start things off with a bloody good skirmish with Jack O’Lantern., then we’re quickly introduced to the danger of the Poisons via a quick convo with a version of Captain America. The dialogue is easy to follow, especially after we’re introduced to our team, with a plot that’s focused squarely on forward momentum. And instead of being bogged down with unnecessary exposition the title rushes from one battle to another.

Now what made the book for me was the style of Iban Coello. The talent attacks the page with clean panels that carry crisp details, all of which are brought to life with steady pencil strokes. I liked how the artist showed the personality of each Venom host, but  made sure to keep Eddie Brock unique among them. There’s something beneath the surface that absolutely makes him the true mover and shaker in this fight. Add in the color work by Matt Yackey and we’re left with a marvelous book that’s sure to earn a spot on your pull-list by its display alone.




Venomverse #1 is fun from cover to cover! The creative team delivers the goods with a satisfying opener that allows enough space to get the ball rolling on this event. What we have here is not high brow entertainment by any stretch, and it’s not trying to be, but if you’re a Venom fan then picking this book up really is a no brainer. So by all means rush out and grab yourself a symbiote drenched copy!

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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