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Think Tank: Animal #4 Review

We reach the conclusion of Think Tank’s fifth volume, with this quite possibly being the final entry in the series. Now it’s a sad time when any comic you enjoy comes to an end, but when it’s due to poor sales figures, there is an extra bitter pill to swallow. Despite this, the creative team still manage to give us a thoroughly enjoyable narrative, and if this does turn out to be the final issue in the series, then we’re certainly going out with a satisfying ending. During this we see David and Mirra try and prevent World War III from breaking out, as a Russian spy plots to pin the death of the Turkish president on an American agent.

Matt Hawkins pens yet another enticing script, with the mixture of politics, action and drama resulting in a satisfying conclusion to this latest arc, and an all round enjoyable comic. The way that the writer further develops our characters during this frantic set of events also proves a testament to his storytelling skills, with the narration that we get from Dr. David Loren also helping to move things along at a steady pace. Despite this, there are some developments that feel a little too frantic or quickly resolved, and though this doesn’t hinder the overall pace of the narrative, it does disappoint slightly. Nevertheless, we are left with a gripping climax, with the writer also bringing a sense of closure during the last few pages.

The visual side of this book continues to astound, with the near perfect illustrations of Rahsan Ekedal being a wonder to behold. Delivering some beautifully detailed panels, that flow smoothly from page to page, the talent makes it easy to dive into these dynamic set of events, with the action being both lavish and exciting. The artist also continues to capture the various emotions and nuances of our characters, with the positive tone during the closing moments allowing for yet more satisfaction. Add to this the sleek colour palette, and I honestly can’t find anything to fault this comic for visually.




Think Tank: Animal #4 brings the fifth volume to a dramatic close. Giving us an exciting set of events that are both enticing and thought provoking, the creative team manage to bring a sense of closure to the book, with the fact that this might be the last issue in the series making this all the more satisfying.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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