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The Unworthy Thor #5 Review

Since Original Sin came to an end in late 2014, the big question we continue to ask is: “what did Nick Fury whisper in Thor’s ear to make him unworthy of lifting Mjolnir anymore?” Well it may have been a long wait, but finally we get the answer from the Odinson himself. Now I’m naturally not going to spoil the answer to that question here, but I will say I liked how the creative team handled it. Not only did it tie-in to events from early on in Jason Aaron‘s run on Thor, but it also had a poetic touch at the same time. Despite it being nice to finally get an answer to this long asked question, I did feel it retracted slightly from the tale at hand. As having had certain expectations as to how this book would conclude, it was a little disappointing to see it become less relevant.

Jason Aaron has been doing a magnificent job since taking over the helm of Thor four years ago, as whether it be classic Thor, Lady Thor or the Unworthy Thor, he has given us something truly magnificent. As he brings this latest arc to a close, however, I feel that he’s only just scratching the surface of his goal for the Odinson, with this mini-series clearly leading to a big change in the landscape of the character’s mythos. In doing this, we are left with a narrative that is both compellingly breathtaking and somewhat frustrating. That said, the tantalising way Aaron handles Thor’s goal to claim a new hammer and resolving long awaited questions easily makes this mini-series well worth picking up, with the final moments having me eager to dive into the next big arc of The Mighty Thor.

One of the key factors that has disappointed me about this series over the last few issues is the inconsistent artwork. Despite getting a fine selection of talent to help fill in the gaps between Olivier Coipel‘s art, the overall style feels too dissimilar, which ultimately ruins the overall tone of the book. This continues into this final chapter, as despite Coipel, Kim Jacinto and Pascal Alixe all giving some stellar work, the transition feels way too awkward. Despite this we do get some magnificent moments from the art team, and once you factor in Mat Lopes and Jay Ramos‘ vivid palette you’re left with a product that is worthy of the God of Thunder.




The Unworthy Thor #5 may not be the perfect conclusion for this mini-series, but it is definitely a must have for anyone who has been enjoying Jason Aaron‘s run on the character. Not only does it finally give us the long awaited answer to what Nick Fury whispered in Thor’s ear, but it also sets up the future of the character in an interesting way, making us as new questions.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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