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The Flash #21 Review

“The Button” got off to a terrific start last week, as Batman took on the Reverse Flash in a battle that resulted in the villainous Eobard Thawne mysteriously dying. It was evident after this that a good bulk of this issue would focus on solving this new mystery, with the Flash setting up shop in a rather unique crime scene: the Batcave. Though this ultimately means that the button investigation is on the backburner, I have to say that I’m enjoying the story that’s unfolding on the page, with the chemistry between the two detectives working beautifully. The way that it ties further into the events of Flashpoint also intrigue more and more, with this time altering event still having some surprises to unveil six years later.

Much like Tom King did with the first issue of this crossover, Joshua Williamson manages to give us a truly thrilling read from start to finish. Whether it’s the captivating way that Flash takes charge, setting up a crime scene in the Batcave, or the emotional response he has to the victim (the man who killed his mother), Williamson manages to give us an engaging series of events. That said, I couldn’t help but feel that overall development of this issue was a little slow at times, with the time frame in which this story was set feeling even shorter than the minute long battle from the first issue. Nevertheless, there was still plenty to like about this comic, with yet another surprising twist leaving me excited to see where this story heads next.

Howard Porter takes on the artwork for the Flash part of this crossover, and I have to say that I was simply in awe with the product he produced. Between the elaborate detail of the Batcave, to the intricate way that he handles time travel, Porter allows the reader to be transported into an energetic world of excitement. Factor in the vibrant colours of Hi-Fi and what we get is a final product that is simply astonishing. If that wasn’t enough, the rustic tone of Porter‘s pencils, coupled with the stern facial expressions of our characters, really allow this tale to come to life in a dramatic and engaging manner.




The Flash #21 continues to flesh out the new mysteries that have arisen within “The Button” crossover, as despite the main narrative still being put to one side, the story we get is nonetheless enthralling. That said the confined time frame and lack of overall development does prevent this from matching the sheer quality of the first issue, but still gives us more than enough reasons to continue reading one.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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