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The Suicide Squad movie may not have received the response DC were looking for, but that doesn’t stop their efforts at merging elements of this movie with their new comic book series. What we get from this first issue is a main story which sees our team put on a rather unique and as ever dangerous mission, whilst the back-up story gives us some backstory for Deadshot, once again taking elements from the recent movie. On the whole both tales are impressive, but in saying that a huge part of me wishes that we simply got one twenty page story, with the events of the main narrative feeling little more than an appetiser.

Despite having this roadblock to overcome, writer Rob Williams does an amazing job of introducing us to this narrative, with it being unlike anything I’ve seen from the team. Not only does he allow for each member to shine, but he does so in a way that benefits the narrative, with the dialogue near the end of the main story leaving me eager for more. It is on the other hand the back-up story that manages to impress most, with the emotional depth that Williams places in Deadshot being truly remarkable. Nevertheless, I would easily trade this in for a twenty-page main story, with the whole structure of the book feeling ill thought out. The letters Nate Piekos of Blambot produces also helps things to flow smoothly, as despite not being anything overly special, they fit the tone of the book perfectly.

One of the main selling points for me about this series is the fact that Jim Lee is one of the artists to feature on the book, with his work being something that rarely fails to impress. That is no different here, as despite the redesign of Harley and more so Killer Croc leaving me a little torn, the overall product is nonetheless astonishing. Whether it’s the detail of his pencils, the sharp inks of Scott Williams or the bold colours from Alex Sinclair, the visuals on this main story more than stand out. Accompanying this we get some sensational back-up art from Jason Fabok and colourist, Brad Anderson, with the tone, layout and texture suiting the story perfectly.




Suicide Squad #1 is a solid start for this new ongoing, as despite the briefness of the main narrative being a little frustrating, it more than does enough to leave me excited for the next issue. The back-up story also gives us a familiar look at Deadshot’s past, integrating elements from the recent movie in a bold and unique manner.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

Suicide Squad #1

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