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Star Wars #35 Review

As we move closer to a changing of the guard, we get yet another one-shot story. This time around we get a narrative that sees Rebel leader, Mon Mothma, acquire the help of Han Solo to transport Grakkus the Hutt to prison. Now on paper this seems a fantastic concept, and for the better part the creative team show its potential. That said, the brief nature of this tale makes it hard to become overly invested, with it taking too long to build momentum and deliver satisfying twists. This ultimately leads to a rather underwhelming climax, in spite of the clever twists.

Jason Aaron only has another two issues left after this one, and for all our sake I am hopeful that the talent has left the best for last. Having done an amazing job of expanding on the time between Episode IV and V up until this point, it is disappointing to see these standards slip now that we approach the end of his run. Despite the brief nature of the narrative hindering the overall tempo of the story, there is some fantastic dialogue during this, with Han’s views on this mission feeling natural and befitting his character. Grakkus also more than proves his worth, with the cunning Hutt using his various skills to try and slip through Han and Chewie’s grasp.

The visual side of this book does thankfully impress, with the quality of Salvador Larroca‘s illustrations being, as ever, outstanding. Delivering fantastic detail from start to finish, the talent makes it easy to immerse into this product, with the character likeness being uncanny. The facial expressions are also less stiff thanks to the confined space within the Millennium Falcon, despite the odd awkward moment here and there. This all flows smoothly thanks to some wonderful layouts, and once you factor in the sleek colour palette of Edgar Delgado, you’re left with a final product that is simply astonishing.




Star Wars #35 isn’t bad, but it is ultimately rather forgettable. Giving us an intriguing concept involving Han Solo smuggling Grakkus the Hutt, the creative team does deliver some impressive moments. It’s just unfortunate that the one-shot nature of this tale prevents it from fleshing out into a gripping narrative.

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

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