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Spirit Hunters #9 Review

Zenescope‘s team of paranormal investigators heads on down to New Orleans and in this month’s outing they’re set to take on an evil, no, dastardly Shaman. What works about this issue and its franchise is how it takes familiar horror tropes and plays with them in a way that never overwhelms. The creative team understands the yarn they’re trying to unravel and they do so rather well from start to finish.

Ralph Tedesco and Dan Wickline pen the script for “Voodoo,” which sees a young girl and old friend of Michael‘s, attacked by an apparent entity. After nine issues they have taken their audience through some disturbing situations but one thing is clear: genre fans you really should want this book in your collection! Because what follows is a straight forward mystery that has our squad investigate the where, how and why of an event. The authors keep it easily accessible all the while building up to a confrontation with our antagonist on a spiritual level.

In my mind what sets this release up for success happens to be the illustrations within its pages. Andrea Camerini takes on the first half of the book, offering up highly detailed character work that’s perfect for the beginning conversation pieces. While Jason Muhr tackles the action in the second part, showcasing a solid little skirmish with just the right amount of cinematic detail. Both talents handle their job well especially with the support of stellar color work that allows the whole story to ebb and flow effortless, thanks to Fran Gamboa and JC Ruiz.




I’m late to the game but I’m so happy I caught up and got to read Spirit Hunters #9. It’s a fun title that’s not too in depth, which is perfect for both casual readers and curious newcomers. It boasts a straight forward cast with a strong creative team at their back. So much so that this comic deserves to find a home on your pull-list, so don’t be afraid of no ghosts and pick this up!

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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