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Since the conclusion of Spider-Men back in 2012, we’ve been left with one question, “who is the other Miles Morales?” Though it looked as if we were about to get some answers when the Miles we all know and love joined the main Marvel Universe at the end of Secret Wars, we are still left with this conundrum, as the newer Spider-Man has somehow avoided crossing paths with his more famous counterpart, Peter Parker. Well the two have shared the same space for a year and a half now, and it looks as if we finally get some answers, with a strange phenomenon causing the two web-slingers to work together once more.

Brian Michael Bendis returns to script this sequel, and given the work he’s done with Miles over the years, I was confident this would be yet another success. Despite getting off to a tantalising start, the writer quickly back tracks a bit, giving us a more calm and dramatic set-up. Though this ultimately leaves us with very little to get excited about, we are eventually given a rather intricate encounter between the two Spider-Men, with the dialogue being as sharp as ever. This all leads to more intriguing twists, with the arrival of a familiar face and our first glimpse at the “other” Miles sure to leave fans eager for the next instalment in this latest crossover.

Sara Pichelli also returns to draw this sequel, with the sheer beauty and detail of her work never failing to amaze. Whether it’s the tantalising opening sequence involving our two wall-crawlers, or the dramatic nature of their individual ventures, the artist gives us a product that entices from start to finish. The dynamic flow of her art and quirky emotions also help build atmosphere, with the odd piece of action being electric to say the least. This is all given wonderful tone and texture through the colours of Justin Ponsor, with the rich palette choice complementing this narrative perfectly.




Spider-Men II #1 is a solid start to this latest crossover series, as despite not being anything special, it leaves us with plenty to ponder over. It also gives us a fun exchange between the two Spider-Men, with their personalities clashing a little more this time around.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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