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The Sovereigns #4 Review

There’s no denying the sheer quality of The Sovereigns line from Dynamite. The creative team has successfully taken on several Gold Key franchises and given us a modern update that’s more than fitting. It’s a quality series that right from the beginning felt confusing but cool in the best possible ways. In the latest release the core elements of the narrative are bubbling to the surface with answers to boot.

Ray Fawkes pens the script and this month we’re treated to some big world ending, or rather changing, revelations. We get to know more about the creature that our heroes are struggling against in both the present and future. We see global destruction but somehow the author keeps the focus where it needs to be. 500 years from now Samson and the brother of Turok are making progress with dialogue that helps fill in some purposeful blanks that readers are bound to notice. While in 2025 Magnus does what he can to try and save the human race.

It’s not often that I get to say the art was goddamn beautiful. Well the art by Johnny Desjardins in this issue was goddamn beautiful. From start to finish the talent attacks the page in a way that should excite curious readers, as they spend their entertainment dollars on an event book that carries a revitalization of several properties and an array of illustrations that are jaw dropping. Each more detailed than the previous, and when you add in the colors by Mohan the entire look wows. It’s a well realized comic that should be on your pull-list.




The Sovereigns #4 is the second to last issue for this series and man oh man it’s a wonderful experience. I had no idea how I’d feel about this title going in but I’m a huge supporter of what this creative team has done and continues to do. Add in that Doc Spektor back-up feature by Aubrey Sitterson, Dylan Burnett and Triona T. Farrell and there’s no doubt that you need to grab yourself a copy.

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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