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We’re barely a week removed from the conclusion of DC and Dynamite‘s first crossover to feature these two icons, but already we have another. Rather than progress or spin-off that particular story, this latest series follows a completely different narrative, which sees Batman thwart Professor Pyg’s latest scheme. Though The Shadow doesn’t factor into the early portion of this tale, he does eventually play a key role, with there being a rather curious interaction between the vigilante and Professor Pyg. What we get in between all this is a rather intriguing set of events, that touches on Batman’s fragile relationship with his son Damian.

Steve Orlando returns to script this latest crossover, with the talent laying the foundations for what could easily be a must read team-up. Right from the opening page the writer gives us a sense of excitement, with Batman’s run-in with Professor Pyg being both energetic and thrilling. What follows this is as equally impressive, with Orlando touching upon an emotionally testing scenario for Bruce. The only main drawback that I have during this is that the issue doesn’t have a clear direction. Granted there is plenty to speculate over, as well as some dramatic moments, but when all’s said and done there’s simply too much guess work.

The visual side of this crossover is in the capable hands of Giovanni Timpano, and given his prior work on The Shadow there is a certain level of expectation. Thankfully the talent doesn’t disappoint, delivering a sensational set of illustrations. Whether it’s the sleek layouts, attention to detail or captivating shading, the artist makes it easy to fall in love with Orlando‘s narrative. What impresses most during this is the way he balances the two slightly differentiating tones, with it being clear who the focal point of each scene was. This is all given a rich finish thanks to the colours of Flavio Dispenza, with the bold palette choice and texture complementing Timpano‘s art perfectly.




The Shadow/Batman #1 get this latest crossover off to a solid start. It may not be the epic introduction that fans were expecting, but it does certainly give us plenty of mystery. Add in familiar Dark Knight villain, Professor Pyg, and some questionable traits from The Shadow and there’s definitely plenty of reasons to return for the second issue.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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