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THE SHADOW #1 Review

Dynamite launch their latest series to feature The Shadow, with the pulp icon having been around now for the better part of a century. Though such a lengthy time in publishing must make it hard for creators to come up with unique ideas and concepts, this poses no trouble for the team behind this latest series, as they give us a fresh take on the character. Delivering a narrative told from the perspective of a medical student that was once saved by The Shadow, the creative team take some calculated risks. Despite these not always paying off, the general concept is more than a little intriguing, with the various twists and turns showing some real potential for the series moving forward.

Si Spurrier and Dan Watters are the latest writers to take on the Dark Avenger, with the duo’s unique take on the character sure to have a polarising effect on long term fans. Despite not being exactly what I personally look for in a Shadow comic, it is nevertheless an interesting take, with the character development of medical student, Mary Jerez, being alluring to say the least. The way in which the writers use this narrative to set-up the various action sequences also proves enticing, with the tone and atmosphere suiting the character perfectly.

On the visual side of things we have Daniel HDR, with the talent producing a captivating set of illustrations. Delivering tremendous detail from start to finish, along with a smooth set of layouts, the artist gives us plenty of reasons to follow this narrative. The way the talent handles the action also entices, with the dynamic, yet stylish way in which The Shadow dispatches his victims being truly astonishing. Despite this, it is the colours of Natalia Marques that allow these visuals to stand out, with the sleek finish during the present and softer tone for the flashbacks resulting in some tremendous depth and atmosphere.




The Shadow #1 may not be the best introductory issue the iconic pulp anti-hero has seen in his illustrious career, but it certainly is one of the more unique ones. Delivering a suspenseful tale, told from the perspective of a woman The Shadow once saved, the creative team produce a fresh concept that has the potential to become one of the character’s greatest stories to date.

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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    Anton Phibes

    THIS BOOK WAS AN ATROCITY. Written with an SJW progressive liberal slant. Nauseating. The Shadow in name only. I hope Conde Nast yanks the license.

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