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Man oh man Image Comics is getting more and more quality fantasy titles in their library, with Sacles & Scoundrels adding to that pile! The creative team spins a yarn about a penniless adventurer locked in a world where getting by is downright tough. They make her arc easily accessible by providing a relatable she-devil with all those ever classic tropes that fans of the genre have come to love.

Sebastian Girner handles the chore of the written word and for Luvander, our main character, there could not be a better scribe. Right off the bat the author instills a unique sense of personality that makes the comic fun from cover to cover. It’s a simple flowing series of events that build in succession from an initial confrontation in a pub to a potential treasure hunt with a prince. The saving grace of the title is how our primary reacts, with wit and well timed action, she augments everything around her especially after that fire in the tavern incident.

On the art side of things Galaad takes on the visuals and yes the end result is a good looking book! Highly stylized and simple renditions never leave much to the imagination, while highly expressive characters litter the panels with their personas. I loved the cartoony classic kids fable type of feel adorned on each page, it helps the title stand on its own while cementing the flavor for the saga. There’s no rush to hyper realism here, instead the display just feels like a warm welcoming blanket that’s eager to bring in fanboys and fangirls for a worthwhile story.




Scales & Scoundrels #1 is a fantasy tale done well. It’s not an epic yet but this first issue does so much right that it deserves to find an audience. It sports a capable team that seems more than primed to share the yarn they’ve prepped. And consider the promise in the Mails section which leaves me more than eager to see where this goes what with a treasure hunt and our, potentially Urden, girl at the center of it all.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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