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Regression #3 Review

So far Regression has proven to be one of the more intriguing new series to come from Image in recent months, with the mixture of horror, drama and mystery being simply sublime. Moving swiftly on from the previous issue, this narrative sees Detective Graymercy question Adrian regarding his connection to hypnotist Sid, who was mysteriously murdered at the end of the opening issue. This tense interaction, along with the journey through Adrian’s regressions and the past of his ancestor, Gregory, leads to an utterly thrilling read, with the final twist leaving me more than excited to dive into the next issue.

Cullen Bunn has given us his fair share of breathtaking horror stories over the years, though none has impressed quite as much, or as quickly, as Regression. Between the complex characterisation of Adrian, and the intriguing look into his ancestor’s past, the writer allows for a truly gripping tale. This is aided wonderfully by the dramatic nature of Detective Graymercy’s investigation, with the balance between reality and the supernatural being simply fascinating. If this all wasn’t enough, Bunn gives us a thrilling climax to this latest issue, with there being plenty to look out for moving forward.

It’s always nice to get a product that exceeds expectations both visually and narratively. This is a feat that Regression has quickly achieved, with the detailed illustrations of Danny Luckert being mesmerising to say the least. Balancing the supernatural and real life elements of Bunn‘s script, the artist gives us a product that is nothing short of sensational, with the dynamic layouts allowing for a dramatic overtone to proceedings. This is all richly enhanced by the vivid renderings of Adrian’s regressions, with the grotesque side of this tale oozing of the page. Add to this the soft, majestic colour palette of Marie Enger and I honestly can’t fault this book visually.




Regression #3 moves this supernatural narrative forward in exhilarating fashion, with the investigation into Sid’s death, and Adrian’s regressions resulting in an interesting read. The creative team also continue to touch upon the mysterious background between Adrian and Gregory, with the various twists sure to leave readers itching for more.

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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