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REDLANDS #1 Review

There are plenty of terrific horror comics to choose from over the last few years, with Image contributing their fair share of these. Redlands is set to be the company’s latest addition to the genre, with the creative team giving us a thrilling tale involving three severely ticked off witches in the south of America. Getting off to a blistering start, we quickly see the wrath of these scorned women, with the prejudistic police force frantically trying to fight this unrelenting force. This all leads to some gripping twists and turns, with the thrilling nature of these developments sure to leave readers eager for more.

Jordie Bellaire may be a familiar name as colourist for some of the best comics in the last few years, but the talent proves to be just as proficient at writing. Generating tremendous atmosphere from the offset, the writer makes it easy to become invested in this narrative, with the controversial dialogue only going to emphasise the gritty nature of this tale. Where the talent excels most throughout all this, however, is in generating mystery, with the background presence of the three witches adding to the overall tempo of the narrative. That said, this also has a slightly negative effect on the final product, as given the fast paced nature of the product, it was a little disappointing to see this opening issue end so suddenly.

Vanesa R. Del Rey handles the artwork for this striking narrative, with her sketchy style complementing the rugged nature of this opening issue. Having a very rough, yet at times detailed look to it, Del Rey creates tremendous atmosphere throughout this comic, with there being a genuine sense of threat and dread. Her sketchy style also helps to enhance upon the frantic nature of proceedings, as despite being a bit jarring at times, it ultimately gives a powerful look to this narrative. This is all rounded off nicely by Bellaire‘s deep colour palette, with the soft texture and vivid tone helping to add an extra layer of depth to this exhilarating tale.




Redlands #1 is probably one of the most intense debut issues that I’ve read in a long time, with the genuine sense of threat being ever present throughout both Bellaire‘s script and Del Rey‘s art. During this, the creative team also do a tremendous job of setting up the premise, with the mysterious overtone and vivid dialogue building tremendous atmosphere throughout. Given all this, I highly recommend giving this comic a try come August 9th.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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