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Red Sonja #1973 Review

Dynamite have been kind enough to give us yet another anthology tale for the She-Devil with a Sword, as following the impressive 100th issue celebration, we get a special over-sized issue that reflects on how the character was during her first year in comics. Despite not impressing quite as much as the 100th issue, this latest tangent from the ongoing series still impressed, having a fun vibe. It also captured the essence of Sonja perfectly, as though each tale gave us a different side to the She-Devil, they all felt true to the character.

Working on the various tales are renowned Red Sonja writers, Eric Trautmann, Roy Thomas, Luke Lieberman and Gail Simone, with David Walker and Cullen Bunn working on Sonja for the first time. Despite some tales being more favourable than others, each and every writer managed to impress, with there not being one tale to disappoint. It was however the early entries from Trautman and Red Sonja co-creator Thomas that impressed most, with Bunn’s silent tale at the allowing for a symbolic way to end things.

The artwork also more than impressed, with the various colourists managing to capture the retro tone that the anthology was aiming at. It is however the pencils from Ivan Rodriguez, Rich Buckler, Rod Rodolfo, Kewber Baal, Bilquis Evely and Jonathan Lau that really amaze, with each and every artist capturing our heroine in a stunning fashion. I honestly couldn’t pick one that stands above another, though I did find Lau’s art especially impressive, capturing Bunn’s silent tale in a manner which makes the story clear. That being said, there was a ton of talent on this book.




Red Sonja #1973 is a worthy addition to any fan of the She-Devil with a Sword’s comic book collection, as though the $7.99 cover price may be off putting, you get 48 tantalising pages for that price. All of which capture the red haired heroine at her finest.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

Red Sonja #1973

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