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Postal #22 Review

The series originally created by Matt Hawkins enters its latest issue with the ever present cloud of impending war hanging over its head. Postal focuses in on the town of Eden, located in Wyoming, it’s established as a secret haven for criminals. And from that foundation the creative team has brought the plot to this point, where a rogue FBI agent is preparing to take the fight to them by any means necessary.

Bryan Hill pens the script and the author remains laser focused on two separate but connected events. On one hand we have Laura, her son Mark and his girlfriend Maggie who are all trying to decide what they should do considering what’s coming. On the other we have Christopher Bremble, who’s doing questionable things to get what he wants. From that foundation the scribe moves the pieces along with precision, a few dramatic moments here and there plus a couple deliciously disturbing ones. Between the dialogue and the overall pace I have zero complaints about the work of the talent, as this comic month to month stands firmly as a quality example of storytelling at its finest thanks to its writer.

On the visual side of things series artist Isaac Goodhart turns in some of his best work to date. His style is static and controlled, with solid character work and engaging backgrounds. Each page and panel is adorned with just enough detail to bring the text to life, but there were more than a few moments that made me stop and stare in this outing. The meeting between Agent Bremble and the gun runners comes to mind, as the pencil work there was just top notch. Add in the colors by K. Michael Russell and this whole book is primed for a purchase.




Postal #22 in one word: tension! From start to finish the creative team is charting a hard course for our primary characters to follow. With their town in the balance time is fast approaching and everyone involved is going to have to make deals and decisions as the pieces fall where they may. For us as an audience what comes next should be entertaining so long as the talents behind it all keep the quality level high!

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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