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Old Man Logan #26 Review

“Days of Anger” continues this week, and having run into the same Hulk gang that murdered his family in his own timeline, you can be sure that the clawed X-Man is out for blood. Opening proceedings with a brief look at Logan’s time in the Wastelands, the creative team quickly move this story forward, with the villainous Maestro not too happy with the fact that Logan is now hunting him and his gang of Hulks. What comes from this is a rather intriguing, albeit standard, set of events, as between Logan’s quest to find this group and Maestro’s counter plan, there is plenty to keep an eye on moving forward.

Despite having yet to give us anything monumental, Ed Brisson continues to fashion a somewhat intriguing narrative. Giving us a much more focused Logan, the writer refrains from giving our time displaced hero too much dialogue, instead using narration to convey his thoughts. Though this may seem like a simple change, it is ultimately an effective one, as despite getting less of the fuzzball than I’d like, what we do get certainly entices. Where the write excels most in this issue, however, is in the way he handles our villain, with Maestro’s dialogue being meticulously thought out.

The visual side of this book continues to impress, with Mike Deodato Jr. once again delivering a sensational set of illustrations. Between the post-apocalyptic backdrop of the Wastelands and the gritty setting for our main narrative, Deodato Jr. gives us a marvellous array of scenery. The detail of his work also as ever captivates, with the brutal action sequence near the end sure to blow fans minds. Complementing all this we get a wonderful set of colours from Frank Martin, with the soft textures of the Wasteland and bold palette in the present adding to the overall tone and atmosphere of the book.




Old Man Logan #26 is another solid entry for the new creative team, as despite this new arc not blowing me away, it is intriguing. The development for Maestro’s Hulks in particular captivates, with the cerebral villain sure to be an interesting foe for Logan.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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