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Nightwing #3 Review

Since starting a few weeks ago, Nightwing has quickly been climbing up the ranks as one of my favourite books to come from Rebirth, with this tale just getting better and better. As we enter this third instalment we are hit with a rather shocking revelation, which leaves us questioning how far Dick is willing to go to take out the Court of Owls. Quickly the creative team dial things back a little, setting up this unexpected twist in a much more dramatic and engaging manner, proving that there is indeed more than just shock value to this twist. When we return to this opening sequence later in the issue, however, I can’t help but feel that there is less energy and drama, as despite quickly leading to a tense conclusion, it lacks the punch from the initial telling early on.

Tim Seeley has been killing it on this series, giving us a product that almost feels like something you’d get from a creator-owned series, whilst being rich in the history of the character. The writer does, however, focus on the latter a lot more this time ’round, as with Batgirl in the mix it was inevitable that their history would shape the direction of this issue. What I love most about all this, is that despite there being a lot of seemingly predictable moments, Seeley quickly turns things around, proving that things aren’t always what they initially seem. Add to all this the consistent letters and punchy narration boxes from Carlos M. Mangual and we’re left with a comic that is a pure joy to read.

Javier Fernández continues to impress on the visuals for this book, with his rough and edgy style perfectly suiting the world that Nightwing has finds himself in. Not only do we get some punchy emotions early on from Batgirl, but as the issue continues the artist gives us some dynamic layouts that captures the tension and atmosphere wonderfully. You can, however, tell that the short break between issues is starting to affect Fernández‘ work, with some of his finished being a little rougher than usual. Despite this the issue as a whole is still visually stunning, and once you factor in the amazing colour palette of Chris Sotomayor it’s hard not to be impressed.




Nightwing #3 is a fantastic continuation to the “Better than Batman” storyline, with things certainly getting interesting. Not only do the creative team inject Batgirl into the story in a wonderful way, but they give some interesting development to Dick Grayson and Raptor’s mission.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

Nightwing #3

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