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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 Review

I have to say that this latest story has been one of the best Power Rangers capers yet. Having transported Tommy and Billy to an alternative universe in which the former has embraced his evil side, the creative team have certainly given us some interesting storytelling. Despite this latest issue taking a brief break from this narrative, were are given a story that is nonetheless enthralling, with Zordon’s trip through space and time allowing for a more vivid insight into how this alternative universe came under the rule of Lord Drakkon.

The way that Kyle Higgins tells this story is rather quite ingenious, as not only does he elaborate on Drakkon’s dark origins, but he also lets us know where exactly Zordon has went. The fact that this narrative expands upon the current story also helps it to stand above the other filler issues, as despite there being plenty to enjoy in those tales, they lacked real depth. In saying that, there is a part of me that would’ve rather gotten a bit more from this origin. As despite there being some new additions to the tale, it felt very much the same story Evil Tommy told in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11, with the issue acting more as a means to explain Zordon’s whereabouts.

Daniel Bayliss stands in for regular series artist, Hendry Prasetya, giving us dynamic artwork from start to finish. Incorporating the style and design that Prasetya has established within the core book, whilst putting his own twist on it, Bayliss allows for a smooth transition, that also manages to stand out on its own. The way that he brings vibrancy and energy to his work also helps to add extra depth to certain scenes, with his colour palette working beautifully with the setting. Add to this the sleek layouts and engaging character renderings and we’re left with a final product that is both alluring and dramatic in tone.




Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 does a fantastic job of letting us know where Zordon has went, whilst elaborating slightly on Lord Drakkon’s evil origins. Granted, we don’t really learn a lot more about the latter, but the way the creators tell this story in conjunction with the former, makes this a filler issue worth picking up.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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