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Having grown up with the likes of Transformers, Voltron and Iron Giant, the idea of controlling a gigantic alien robot is one that I would jump at as a kid. Who am I kidding? I likely still would. So to see BOOM! Studios bring out a new comic that embraces these nostalgic elements is a joy to behold. Introducing us to a world where alien robots come to Earth and bond with young cadets, all for the purpose of fighting an alien race known as the Sharg, the creative team certainly give us an intriguing concept. Where things really get interesting though, is with our main protagonist, Stanford Yu, a young member of the support staff that somehow finds himself with a mech of his very own.

Greg Pak is the creative mind behind this latest sci-fi caper, and with a resume that includes the likes of Planet Hulk, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Eternal Warrior you’d be forgiven for expecting something extraordinary. Not disappointing, the writer gives us an entertaining introduction to this world, with Stanford Yu quickly becoming a likeable character. Delivering crisp dialogue to accompany this, the writer makes it easy to connect with Yu’s dream of becoming a cadet within the Sky Corps, with the various twists and turns being all the more enjoyable due to this. Though a lot of this is mere set-up work, the writer still manages to achieve a lot throughout this first issue, with the groundwork sure to leave readers returning for more.

The visual side of this book is nothing short of extraordinary, with the sketchy illustrations of Takeshi Miyazawa capturing the tone of this narrative perfectly. In doing so, not only does the artist capture the look of this futuristic world, but he also gives a dynamic atmosphere, with the layouts flowing smoothly from page to page. Where Miyazawa really earns his money, however, is in the designs of the mechs, with the simple, yet unique style of these robots being pleasing to the eye. Add to this the bold colour palette of Triona Farrell and we’re left with a final product is visually stunning.




Mech Cadet Yu #1 is a quick read, but a fun one to say the least. Introducing us to a world where humans and robots fight together as a collective unit, we see how training doesn’t surpass heart. So when you next head to your local comic book store, why not consider giving this book a try. It’s sure to find a spot on your pull list real soon.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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