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Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit cinemas at the end of the month, so what better way to generate excitement than a brand new comic book series. Moving to Image and featuring a new creative team, this opening issue sees Eggsy develop as a secret agent, still suffering from the death of his Uncle Jack. During this we see our young spy given the task of rescuing Prince Philip, in a brief set of events that prove both fun and comical. Meanwhile we get a thrilling introduction to our new villain, with their being a sinister nature to this foe that feels taken directly from a James Bond movie.

Rob Williams scripts this mini-series, being the first writer to work on a Mark Millar creation outside of his Millarworld Annuals. Delivering a product that reflects the tone and look of the original comic, whilst also embracing elements of the movie adaptation, the talent gives us a product that should appeal to fans of either. In doing so, he also manages to bring a fresh tone to the comic, with it being easily accessible for new readers and those unfamiliar with the movie. The dialogue and characterisation should also appeal to fans of the original series, with the comical tone never feeling over the top.

On the visual side of things we have Simon Fraser, with the Doctor Who artist delivering an enticing set of illustrations. Keeping in line with Williams‘ script, we get a product that embraces both the tone of the original comic and movie, whilst at the same time feeling unique. Where the talent impresses most, however, is in his layouts, delivering a product that flows smoothly from start to finish, whilst also feeling cinematic. This is all given a vibrant overtone thanks to the colours of Gary Caldwell, with his vibrant palette adding tremendous depth and texture to the final product.




Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1 is everything I was hoping for and more. Delivering a product that embraces both the original comic book series and movie adaptation, whilst also feeling unique, the creative team give us a fun and exciting opening issue. In doing this they bring us up to date with Eggsy’s position as a Kingsman, whilst introducing us to a sinister new villain.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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