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King: The Phantom #4 Review

Following a rather engaging prologue by Jeff Parker, Marc Laming and Jordan Boyd, King: The Phantom gets back to its new normal with ease. Our intrepid team of three continues their mission in uncovering the secrets of Singh International while attempting to maintain a stable environment in this post Ming invasion world. And that right there is what makes this literary yarn so engaging, as a steady plot carried through by sure hands effortlessly continues to evolve the players and their narrative journey.

Brian Clevinger handles the meat of the comic by presenting an easy to follow script that knows its own limitations. Simple and smart should be the key phrase for this release, as the author wastes little time with over exposition and instead pushes the outing toward its determined finish. There where some rocky moments where the dialogue between a couple of the characters were meant to inspire levity but came off rather rocky from my perspective. That said the overall piece carried a text that functioned well enough to enjoy from beginning to end.

On the visual side of the equation Ryan Cody turned in a straight forward set of illustrations. Each page was not washed with detail, but ebbed and flowed with a kinetic energy that made sequences within instantly engaging. Whether it was talking between players or a classic punch by the latest iteration of our purple clad hero, the talent was indeed up to the task. Add in some solid color work by Robt Snyder and the whole of the adventure fit within this realm of heroes, villains and international complications.




King: The Phantom #4 is a sturdy and accessible release that knows what it wants to be. It’s a refreshing take handled by a creative team that understands the characters they’re playing with, so much so that it left me eagerly anticipating the next outing. So by all means keep this one and buy the previous three, you won’t regret it.

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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