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Kill or Be Killed #10 Review

We reach the end of yet another arc of Kill or Be Killed, with life not getting any easier for Dylan. Having accidentally killed his drug dealer, as well as a Russian mafia fixer last time out, our morally compromised protagonist finally feels real remorse, which doesn’t go down well with the demon haunting him. Throughout all this, we continue to get tremendous narration, with the way Dylan reacts to these surreal events being utterly captivating. Factor in the small progress made by task force member, Lily Sharpe, and an awkward encounter with Kira and there’s plenty to enjoy within this latest instalment.

Ed Brubaker has created plenty of must have creator-owned work over the last few years, but few have resonated with me quite to the level Kill or Be Killed has. Continuing to give us stellar work in this latest issue, the writer captivates at every possible moment, with the characterisation being as impressive as ever. During this, not only do we get the usual level of dramatic narration and dialogue, but we also start to see more from Dylan’s relationship with the demon he kills for. This ultimately leaves us with a few things to mull over, with the writer continuing to hint that things may not be quite as they seem.

What I love about any product that Brubaker and Sean Phillips work on together, is that you’re guaranteed to get an all round stellar product. Not disappointing, the artist matches the gripping nature of Brubaker‘s narrative, delivering a truly stunning set of visuals. Between the detailed pencils and slick layouts, Phillips does a marvellous job of catching the eye, with the way the characters blend into the scenery being truly mesmerising. He also continues to handle the more surreal nature of this comic perfectly, with the gritty look of the demon being as magnificent as ever. This is all given tremendous tone through the bold colours of Elizabeth Breitweiser, with the sleek finish allowing the final product to pop off the page.




Kill or Be Killed #10 brings this second arc to a gripping conclusion, with the way Dylan responds to recent events being truly captivating. The way the creative team work this into the more surreal nature of Dylan’s predicament also makes for a much more dramatic read, with the various minor developments and overall characterisation leaving us with a product that easy to praise.

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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