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Justice League #3 Review

When you think of calibre of villains the Justice League have come up against over the years, it is easy to look upon the Kindred and initially see them as nothing more than a forgettable addition whose sole purpose is to ease new readers into this new series. Well whether you feel this way or not, it is clear that the creative team are doing their best to make an impression with these foes, and so far they’re succeeding. Not only have we been given some marvellous mystery so far, but the events of this issue reveal a lot more about these creatures and why they’re agenda. That said as one door open another closes, as despite getting a lot of interesting development during this issue, I can’t help but feel that it leaves us with more answers.

Since launching the series little over a month ago, Bryan Hitch has been spinning a very interesting yarn. As we enter this third instalment the writer continues to push the bar, with the interaction between the Kindred and Justice League members being captivating to say the least. Not only do we learn a lot about these mysterious foes during this series of encounters, but we also start to see just how far their power stretches, with their collective form being truly magnificent. Though this being a huge positive from Hitch, one thing that continues to bother me a little is the lack of teamwork from the League, as despite there being some engaging moments it once again feels more like a bunch of individual efforts.

Tony Daniel has been giving us some of his best work on this series so far, with each issue giving us more awesome designs and destructive landscapes. That said it looks as if the tight schedule is starting to creep up on the artist, as despite likely getting a good head start, it is clear that there were some panels that were rushed. Nevertheless what we get is still better than most of the books on our stands today, with the talent that DC has brought visually during Rebirth putting Marvel to shame. Add in the sharp inks of Sandu Florea and vibrant colour palette of Tomeu Morey and it is hard to describe these visuals as anything other than phenomenal.




Justice League #3 does an amazing job of moving the story forward in an engaging manner, giving us some interesting revelations about the Kindred. That said as the creative team start to answer some nagging questions, the ask plenty of new ones, with the mystery being both enticing and at times frustrating.

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

Justice League #3

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