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Immortal Iron Fists #2 Review

Immortal Iron Fists is an exclusive part of the comiXology Originals Line and it’s a welcome jumping on point for new readers! Here we find a straight forward tale of a young girl from K’un-Lun trying to find her place in our world with a teacher who had the opposite problem some time ago. The creative team has a simple but tough task, as they offer a comic that approaches the Marvel martial arts style in a way that serves their modern audience. And with this second digital issue I can easily say that so far they’re succeeding!

Kaare Andrews pens the script and the author knows the life of Danny Rand but approaches it with a yarn that carries two perspectives. On one end of we have our hero investigating a missing persons case involving demons and Ten Exponential Scrolls. At the other end we have a fish out of water, as Pei tries to find balance in her life and fit in at school. There’s plenty of drama and kung fu action within these panels and pages, but what makes this literary treat stand out is how the scribe keeps heart front and center in these proceedings.

On the visual side Afu Chan handles the illustrations. And what we get is an all ages friendly interpretation of a familiar world. Each panel is designed with simplicity in mind, as our two warriors do their thing with sure pencil strokes to back them up. The color palette by Shelly Chen further cements the display, with a look that’s vibrant but soft. This aspect of the overall package more than fits with the lore coming from the House of Ideas, in a way that will no doubt be a bit different but after a few scenes its Saturday morning feel becomes a good thing.




Immortal Iron Fists #2 is a fun digital comic that offers up a more than worthwhile material told within the framework of a straight forward two part structure. It’s a Marvel book through and through with a creative team that knows what they want to deliver.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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