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Ancient Greece meets Gears of War” is the perfect way to describe this great comic book! Hercules: The Wrath of the Heavens approaches myth and legend in a gritty futuristic mechanized universe and the results could not be better. The creative team has a true gem on their hands that speaks out with old lore in mind while offering it modern sensibilities. I know it just sounds crazy but that’s what makes this outing work!

Jean-David Morvan handles a script full of sklaves (humans) and Axiomatikos (gods and goddesses). Our primary is consumed with a lust for revenge because of actions that were out of his control. Ultimately he’s taken down a destructive path, which leads us to the here and now. His lords have commanded him to complete twelve labors and our merc must journey to Argolid to help King Eurystheus and his people. It’s a simple set up with a hard primary plus to the point writing that makes what could have been an overly complicated yarn accessible.

Beautiful! That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think about the artwork in this comic book. Right from the first page to the final one the team of Looky and Olivier Thill delight the eye with gorgeous über detailed panels. The whole thing comes off as a high quality adaption with all the necessary bells and whistles of a triumph. It’s in the way that they interpret myth which is just extraordinary, as we see them render everything with a delicate touch and enough ferocity to make it work from the people all the way to their Nemean Lion.




Hercules: The Wrath of the Heavens #1 is damn near perfection! I try to grade a little harder on opening issues to give the creative team room to grow but I just can’t stop gushing when I think about this release! It’s a quality yarn with high adventure that’s bound to speak to a lot of fanboys and fangirls if given half a chance. In short: you just have to add this epic to your pull-list so go out and grab yourself a copy!

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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