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When it comes to discussing horror in comics, it is hard not to mention Vampirella or Hack/Slash. So naturally the decision to join the two forces together in a crossover is bound to appeal to fans of both series. What we get from this opening issue is a narrative that sees Cassie Hack and her trusty companion Vlad travel to Las Vegas, with the hopes of having a good time in the Sin City. This quickly gets put on hold thanks to the presence of a dead body, with the mysterious circumstances of the victim’s death being to irresistible for Cassie too investigate. Though our favourite female vampire doesn’t make an appearance until the latter portion of this first chapter, once she does we get a truly entertaining clash of personalities.

Shawn Aldridge scripts this crossover, and the main thing that stands out is his familiarity with both our titular characters. Despite some of the dialogue feeling a little awkward, it is clear that the talent understands the personalities of Cassie and Vampirella, with their unique personalities working well against one another. As for the plot, the writer does a brilliant job of setting the foundation for the mystery ahead, whilst still leaving a lot to explore. Granted I wouldn’t complain if we did get a little more plot development, but I as far as starts go I am more than satisfied.

On the visual side of this project we have Rapha Lobosco, with the talent fitting this crossover like a glove. Delivering a detailed, yet rustic set of illustrations the artist captures the tone of Hack/Slash perfectly, with the nuances of Cassie and Vlad oozing off the page. Despite this the talent still manages to incorporate Vampirella into this, with the sleek colours of Chris O’Halloran helping to add depth to her dramatic entrance. The punchy scenery and smooth layout of Lobosco‘s artwork also helps to grab my attention, with the mystical overtone to our antagonist only adding to the overall depth and atmosphere.




Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella #1 is a fun and enjoyable comic that is easy to recommend. The creative team introduces us to an engaging narrative that incorporates elements from both series, whilst remaining fresh. The mysterious elements within this story also leaves reason to return for more, with the interaction between Cassie and Vampirella being simply astonishing.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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