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Gravedigger is a popular noir web series that’s now available at your local comic shop and you need to pick it up. It has a smart creative team that’s ready, and willing, to execute as easy to follow premise as this latest treat from Action Lab does more than a few things right. I went into it with zero knowledge of the property and in one release I left a fan. After I l closed this I was impressed with how it understood its audience and the inherent need within to do right by its aged, but compelling, main character and genre.

Christopher Mills pens the script and I have to say I found myself instantly enthralled by the South Florida setting. Our hero, or at least protagonist, is a tough goon named McCrae. He’s come down to rest and relax between jobs but while he’s staying at a mob hotel he gets involved with a boss’s daughter. Problems grow from there but trust me when I say that the end result is a simple body of text that functions with a well trained personality to boot. So by all means find a quite spot and enjoy this one.

What really tickled my fancy about this release was the illustrations handed in by Rick Burchett. Each page is washed in detail, so much so that I found myself staring at the panels long after I finished reading the written word. Black and white visuals augment the mood of the story while cementing the backbone of its intent in authenticity. It’s through that iteration of reality that the whole of the yarn impressed me from beginning to end as each character and place got the attention they wholly deserved.




Gravedigger #1 with a competent team, an easy to follow premise and a plot that doesn’t rely on over explanation adds up to smart fiction. There’s no doubt in my mind that this comic is quality entertainment that deserves recognition.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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